It does not matter how new or old your Porsche is, to maintain the performance of your Porsche and the pleasure you get from it, you must ensure that it is properly maintained

Servicing Your Posche

Quality Standards

It does not matter how new or old your Porsche is, to maintain the performance of your Porsche and the pleasure you get from it, you must ensure that it is properly maintained. Full service histories are important to people looking to buy a Porsche.

Our standards of workmanship are comparable with those of the official dealer network. We can prove this because we have spent our careers working in and for the car companies themselves, which we still do. Some enthusiasts believe we actually have higher standards of workmanship because we aim to avoid problems from occurring which most dealers or garages would not do, as they want to make money from the repair work. Our policy is to be proactive in avoiding known problems, as this generates more customers for our business, and not more work from an individual.

Typically the older your car gets the importance of ensuring its condition remains good becomes more and more important. Porsche recommend and prescribe a service schedule for your car, but there are also additional requirements that need to be carried out that are not stated in the basic service plan. Servicing will give you advisories on the safety and the condition of your Porsche.

Porsche 911 service beds

911 Service

We go the extra mile on your 911, ensuring care and expert servicing.

Boxster Service

Boxster Service

The Boxster requires a different service approach to a 911.

Porsche 924 Service

924/928/944/968 Service

Find out more about our 924, 928, 944 & 968 servicing.

Where to look

Your owner’s manual or service book will inform you of the basic requirements and what is checked, adjusted or topped up, and at what time frame or mileage interval. If you need any help in understanding what is required or what is due feel free to bring in your service book and history file and we will work out what is needed.

Servicing a Porsche by a professional will maintain or add value to your Porsche.


As your car gets older, components degrade, even on a Porsche, and problems start to appear. It is at this point where the experience at Auto Umbau of looking after the older cars becomes paramount. We have a vast amount of experience and understand where these problems occur and can to a certain degree prevent these problems from occurring. This will of course avoid some expensive repair bills, which in turn will make your experience of owning one of these great cars all the more pleasurable. We have discussed significant problems on Porsche 911’s with Porsche cars GB that even they did not know!

Once we have serviced your car we will advise you of any issues that you need to consider repairing.

No matter how many miles you have driven your Porsche, Porsche and Auto Umbau recommend that the car is checked annually. Do not think at because your car has sat in the garage all year that it does not need attending to. Cars that stand can get different problems to those that are used.

Service intervals 911

Over the years the way Porsche prescribe their maintenance plans has changed. Up to the late 1990’s, service intervals where stated as annual, or mileage dependant at 6,000, 12,000, 24,000, 48,000, etc.

From the late 1990’s the service schedule changed to an alternating, major and minor service and prescribed mileage intervals but still with an annual check, if mileage covered were lower.

In 2009 it was changed again by Porsche from major and minor maintenance to intermediate maintenance and maintenance.

By looking at the service interval tables, you will be able to see what is due on your car.

View the 911 servicing page

Service intervals 924,928,944 and 968

Under normal driving conditions Porsche prescribe maintenance is carried out at least once a year and precautionary measures against corrosion should be taken before winter. Brake fluid and coolant should be replaced every two years, regardless of mileage. The illustration below shows service elements typical of front engine Porsches.

Porsche servicing illustration

View the 924/928/944/968 servicing page

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